How to Use Wood Routers: Types of Router Bits

A wood router is woodworking power tool that’s used in cutting out areas of a wooden item’s surface. This may be done for the purpose of decorating the surface or edge of the timber or cutting out “chases” in the timber’s hidden sides to hide pipes, cables among others.

The device, used originally for decorative woodworking, is now probably among the most available versatile wood machining tools. It’s able to cut, shape groove, and may also be used in creating joints between two wood sections, particularly in the construction of staircase, making of cabinet and architative making.


Wood Router Bits

You have just bought a new wood router. However, without router bits, it is nothing more than some powerful spinning motor. There are various router bits available when searching for a new bit for your wood router. The router bits have over the years been designed and perfected so as to create quite specific cutting styles.

There are wood router bits for all kinds of details, making grooves, rounding over corners, notches and dados for joining together two pieces of wood. There are even others which are designed for just writing in the wood among different other functions. They also come in different sizes, shapes and styles a woodworker may choose from.

Among the different types of router bits include:

  1. Straight- Bits
  2. Round Over Bits
  3. 45- Degree Chamfer Bits
  4. Dovetail Bits
  5. Rabbeting Bits
  6. Cove Bits
  7. Roman Ogee Bits
  8. Flush Trim Bits
  9. V-groove Bits
  10. Slot Cutting Bits



When buying a router bit, there are many things that you should consider like:

  • Whether you are buying the bits for a particular project in mind.
  • Whether you are just starting out and you need to assemble some starter kit.

A good way to  buy the bits is insets. Several of these sets come in different types and sizes. You should also consider whether you are going to use it just occasionally or every day. These may help you in choosing the right kind of router bits for not only your projects but also your level skill.


How to Use Wood Routers

Safety is the key thing to consider when using a wood router since this tool    is able to cut with unguarded   high speed, rotating blade. Also preparation before using it is quite vital.

You should always ensure the wood you’re working on is fixed securely in place before you begin routing.

Note that unsecured items may move, damaging your work as well as potentially posing danger to yourself. Always ensure the blades are sharp. This is going to make the finish quality of the product to be much superior plus ease the cutting work that you’re doing.

When routing a straight run, you should use a clamped fence so as to keep straight the router. After achieving some good level of practical skill with your wood router, you are going to be able to undertake some more adventurous hand routing work.

When using a wood router, always ensure you feed it from left to right. This will ensure the cutter’s blade makes right contact with the wood that’s being machined. And the blade is going to turn clockwise, and go with that action.

Never force your router through timber. This burns the wood as the blade very quickly turns. Always ensure after you’ve finished using your wood router, you clean all the dust and debris from your machine. Sliding or moving parts may soon become clogged and prevent the router from properly functioning.

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