What should you know about Air Compressors?


Air compressor is a mechanical device which usually utilizes the energy to compress the power. The power is converted into potential energy and it compresses the air and increasing the pressure high. When the high pressure is indicating it leads to the bursting of the compressor. Normally the air tool can be used as a home utensil.

The air compressor is a machine which leads the conversion of the external energy to take the air. The external energy may be carried out by the following materials based on:

  • Chemical energy
  • Electrical energy
  • Mechanical energy

The energy may be converted to high pressure and retrieve the air from the environment. There are two types of compressor:

  • Portable and mobile compressors
  • Non locomotive

These devices normally blow the air from the environment hence they may carry either in mobile or non-locomotive types. The size of the compressor varies according to the nature of the work.


The compressor is normally used in the following areas:

  • Wood
  • In home
  • In site management
  • In the engine

The compressors are normally used for cleaning purpose. The entire home is cleaned by using these devices. Hence the normal form of the compressor is to blow off the air from the environment by the mechanism it cleans the entire home without any dust.


The formation of the compressed air after dust removal is normally stored in the bucket and hence the bucket can be separated and cleaned. It is normally an air blown and it works on the electrical energy. Hence the home appliance may also contain the gasoline format similar to the electrical compressor and the electrical energy is replaced by the gas medium. The air is increased by reducing the size of the hole in the machine.

Working draw chat:

It is inversely proportional to the volume of the air on the basis it can classify by two types namely:

Case1: When the volume of the air gets high the pressure gets low; the volume of the air gets high and the pressure get goes low.

Case 2: When the volume of the air gets high the pressure gets low; the volume of the air gets up and the pressure goes down.

This is the major working principle found in the compressor.


Based on the pressure; it is classified into three types:

  • Low pressure compressor
  • High pressure compressor
  • Medium pressure compressor

Based on the usages:

  • Reciprocating
  • Rotary screw
  • Rotary centrifugal
  • Rocking piston air compression


The advantage of the mobile (portable) compressor is given below:

  • Speed up work
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Versatile

Speed up work:

In the sense one can easily do the work by using different environment hence the work can be done in the faster manner without any lag in between.

Ease to maintain:

As the machine is portable user can maintain or repair by separating the parts normally which is usually a time saver in our daily life.


It is easy to carry anywhere in the work station.

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